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How To Be Dependent And In Harmony With Christ 

Third part 



A Cosmic Mirror Composed of Infinite Space



Alexandra Porter, Ph. D.




June 10, 2000



Marvin and the Gang


Good morning everyone!  Welcome to the Third part of “How To Be Dependent And In Harmony With Christ.”

 Before I begin this conference, let us center ourselves.  Sit comfortably in your chairs, relax for a moment and draw unto yourself the attitude that you are in the presence of God. 

 Great!  Please join me, now, in asking for our Lord’s blessings. 

 Our Father, who art in heaven, as we begin this conference we ask that you grant us the safety of your presence.  This conference is presented here in order that its content can serve as a testimony for the images we perceive.  As the speaker, I give thanks for the privilege of working, one more day, in the fulfillment of thy degree. 

 Please join me, now, in the Lord’s Prayer.  Our Father, who art in heaven… 

 Thank you very much, and welcome once again.

 This lecture is from some of my research work in the area of Health and Human Services.  Included in this lecture, is a personal testimony that has been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.  In my humble opinion, it is first rate, unique and another example for being in harmony with Christ.  This conference will help you answer the question: “How can we live in this physical world and be in harmony with Christ?” 



Our scientists tell us that “energy comes from motion, and that motion comes from energy.”  In accordance with their researches, we are told that everything is energy, energy is everything and it composes the entire universe.  They are, in essence, telling us that within the infinite space of the universe a beautiful dance of energy in motion is surrounding us.  Likewise, they are telling us, by implication that we are also composed of a tremendous amount of space in which a beautiful dance of energy in motion is within and around us.

 When I ask people what they think they are made of, the most common response is that when they look in a mirror they conclude that their body is: (a) mainly a fatty muscular structure because they were overweight for their age and height, (b) mainly a skeletal bone structure because they were underweight for their age and height, or (c) well proportioned for their age and height.  No one ever responds that s/he is “A Cosmic Mirror Composed of Infinite Space.  Further, regardless of what each saw in their mirror, or how they perceived themselves in the mirror, in each case they conclude that there might not be any significant space within their bodies. 

 Following along this trend of thought, what would you say if I were to tell you that: your body is composed of a huge amount of space? 

 I venture to say that you would: (a) be shocked in disbelief, (b) begin to quote what you have learned in the science of Biology and/or Physics, (c) start to question my intelligence or mental faculties, or (d) all the above.

 If energy is expressed in waveform in some level, then where does that waveform exist? 

 Well … to explore the questions “Where is it?” let me relate to you a story of a personal experience.  This experience took place many years ago when I was a School Nurse.  The story explains how my inner Master communicated, to me, how direct knowing works.  

 One day, when I arrived at work, I noticed that the day was beginning to feel warm.  The sun was beginning to radiate from above and the fresh air felt warm upon my skin.  A fresh aroma permeated my surroundings, and a silent trace of spring was among the trees.  As I began to walk towards my office, I wondered if people who worked outdoors also noticed these qualities of the day.

 To begin the day, I looked in my office agenda at the schedule for that day.  This was my way of planning and prioritizing all the required or mandated projects I wanted to accomplish.  It also allowed me to notice any request or unresolved problem a specific teacher was having.  In this manner, the mandated projects for the school would not be overlooked and I was efficiently managing my time as well.

 When I looked at the schedule, I noticed that most of my school nursing tasks for that day was indoors.  Within the scheduled tasks, there were several classroom inspections and two committee meetings.

 Outside my office, there was a line of students and parents waiting for me.  Some of the students were waiting for re-admittance approval due to illness, and their teachers, for specific problems, had sent others to my office.  Some parents where waiting to present evidence of their child’s noncompliance with the state’s required immunizations, while others where waiting to bring their immunization records up to date.  The parents who needed to update their child's immunization records were given the forms to do so, while the other parents were signing non-compliance slips.  Meanwhile, the students who needed re-admittance approval, or were sent by a teacher, were being checked so they could return to their respective classrooms.

 After everyone was served, I prepared my schedule for the day.  It began with several classroom inspections, and ended with two committee meetings.  In my office, as I prepared myself for the classroom inspections I continued to visualize and give thanks to God for that beautiful day.

 All things considered, the day had been full and eventful.  I was able to accomplish all I had scheduled for that day.  Although I remained very busy working throughout the day, the time appeared to pass quickly.  Yet, it felt as if the day was longer than eight hours since I had accomplished more than what was in my office agenda.  When I left my office at 3:30 PM, that day, I felt I had put in a good and meaningful day's work.

 On my way home I began to notice the day once again.  The sun had retired into the horizon and the distance was beginning to interfere with its warmth.  During this change, it felt as if the sun was out of sight.  The sky was full of thick, electric white clouds that appeared to be prophesizing the early signs of a heavy and fruitful rainy day.  This was my clue to drive straight home and leave the grocery shopping for another day.

 Once I arrived home, the daily activity of cooking made me forget the tremendous amount of work I had completed.  After changing my clothes and reading the mail, I helped my son with his math homework, as the other children worked on school projects.  Then while everyone was busy completing their school assignments I started the preparations for dinner.

That night was crisp and cold throughout the house.  The warmest room was the kitchen.  After dinner while washing the dishes, I had the idea that the kitchen would be a perfect place to read a book.  At that time I remembered that while the children where watching television the kitchen was quiet and would be the best place to read.  I hurried with the dishes and started to read a book while the room was still warm.  The book I chose failed to interest me and after three chapters I decided to stop, take a bath, and meditate.  I was attempting to receive a message from my inner Master.  That night when I finished my bath, it was 7:00 in the evening.  In the place where I normally meditated was very cold.  The bedroom was the only place in which I felt I was less likely to be disturbed by noise.  It was the farthest room upstairs away from the flow of traffic and main corridors.  Hence, I decided to use the bedroom as my meditation chamber for that night.

      Within a few minutes, I felt deep into a meditative state.  Although I was conscious of my physical body, I knew that there was a strong vibration within and around me.  I also knew that the bedroom was warm, but in my meditative state, it felt as if I was directly under a great, big central sun.  I felt the tremendous rise in temperature and was aware that my physical body had begun to perspire profusely.  In this state of diaphoresis, my clothing was sopping wet and I felt the material as it stuck to parts of my body.  When I concentrated on the perspiration, I began to feel cool and my body temperature appeared to stabilize, bringing me to a state of awareness in which my body left my mind.

 As the mind began to separate from the body, I felt a tremendous force surrounding me, similar to a magnetic pull.  Then the mind force appeared to be pulling the physical body and I felt a sense of traveling.  During the time I was traveling, with only my physical body parts and my mind, I appeared to be in a deep meditative state.  Throughout this time, I knew that I was sitting in my bedroom, but was unable to feel the exact location where my physical body and my sitting space came together or met.

 I traveled in this manner for what appeared to be a long time.  Then everything came to a halt and I abruptly felt that the physical body and the mind were one.  In this state of consciousness I was taken to the awareness that I had arrived and that the invisible, vibratory, formless energy was still within and around me.  In that meditation is the beginning of an interesting relationship between my inner Master and myself.

 Upon arriving, the first thing I saw was the farthest and most narrow point of a river.  The river stream was flowing outwards and curbing its water towards me.  I could sense that each water drop was peaceful and harmoniously blending within the river stream.  The water appeared to be cool, and yet as it touched my body, it felt warm and velvety smooth.  Then I noticed that I was sensing the qualities of the water through all my human faculties, yet I was one with the river stream.  During that realization, I became consciously aware that, as I continued to feel with all my human faculties, the experience was becoming more real and more vivid.

 At that precise moment, a sound was audible in my head.  It said, "You are a gifted healer, you are one with the authority within you."  The words were in the form of a thought, which appeared out of nowhere and was heard inside my head.  In the early phase of this process, the words were the only source of sound I heard.  These words were softly spoken, as if someone was gently and lovingly whispering inside my head.  I noticed that the words came in a stream as I began to feel one with the water.

 When I heard the sound, I thought it was coming from me, and I asked, "Alexandra, did you say that?"  Then as I became consciously one with the experience I heard another stream of words.  This time the phrase appeared to be answering the question I had asked myself.  The stream of words said, "As the river stream flows, so does my consciousness.” In that meditative state, my mind heard and understood the meaning of the phrase.  This time the words left me speechless, something within me, intuitively, understood the phrase and there was nothing else to say or ask.

 After the realization of those words, I began to notice that the water in the river stream felt as if it was also outside of me.  Then, upon closer observation I realized that I was actually seeing a water pond.  Within the water pond, I saw a very well decorated earthly green center similar to the type one would see in an aviary garden.  The water pond was peaceful and there were different ducks wading in the water.  While the ducks appeared to be enjoying each peaceful movement, their movement gave the illusion that they were gliding upon the water.  As the water moved in a circular manner, it created the illusion of silver rings encircling the earthly green decorative center.

 When I realized that the movement of the ducks created a current and that the current in turned moved the ducks I was able to perceive my inner Master’s life force working harmoniously between two diverse expressions of life.  I also understood how my inner Master was living within and around me as a covered water pond, whose stream of consciousness I heard inside my head.


 This is the story of the day I saw a covered pond in the thoughts inside my head.  In the account of this story is a message that was given to me by my inner Master.  It appears that my inner Master had been communicating with me for many years.  As I recall, besides visions, my inner Master also spoke to me in many forms.  However, this was the first time my inner Master spoke to me via direct knowing.  This is a very interesting method of communication that has been the way for me to receive messages from my inner Master.

 Continuing along the lines of disbelief, if everything is energy and energy is everything, then, the answers to my questions can only be found in the related sciences.  Who, among this audience, could tell me, “How many atoms are there in this pear I am holding in my hand?” 

 Okay!  Some of you have responded and the rest are looking at me in awe, somewhat puzzled.  Your reaction is because in order for you to explain that to me you must freely comprehend it.  To grasp this concept, this standard-size pear must be enlarged to the size of our planet Earth. 

 Now, you are all responding with a look of amazement; yes, that is a huge pear, indeed! 

 After enlarging the pear to the suggested size, you can then point to it and say, “These are the atoms in that pear.”  This case scenario depicts the dimensions of the atoms as the size of olives.  Now, don’t split hairs and ask, “What kind of olives these are; little Spanish olives or big Greek olives?”  The size of the olives doesn’t really matter.  For this mental exercise of a visual illustration they are just olives.   

 Now that you have the size of each atom, why don’t we find the nucleus of that atom?  Could anyone, among this audience, do that? 

 The answer is “No!” because the atoms you found are too small for you to find the nucleus.  This time, you would have to enlarge each olive to the size of an average professional Opera Theater.  Once more, we must agree that that’s a gigantic olive.  In an atom, that size, you could probably find the nucleus.  In an atom that big, the nucleus would be found somewhere, in that Opera Theater and I would venture to guess that it would be the size of a small dry garbanzo bean. 

 Continuing along these lines, the electrons that are moving about that nucleus would be the size of grains of sand and found somewhere within that Opera Theater.

 Let us go over this image in our minds eye.  Think of the image of a small dry garbanzo bean, along with the grains of sand, in that entire Opera Theater. 

 Let’s see, by a show of hands, who has captured that image? 

 Very good!  Excellent! 

 What else do you perceive in that Opera Theater? 

 Yes!  Exactly!  There is a lot of space. 

Beautiful!  You are beginning to take hold of the concept of space.  Now, please remember that is just ONE atom.  We are made up of billions of such universes.

 The mental exercise of this visual analogy is an example of an acceptable Newtonian model.  Most of us were given analogies of this type, in illustrative charts and diagrams, in our biology classes.  The illustrations and charts in our textbooks said, “Here is the atom,” “This is what the nucleus looks like” and “These are the electrons moving about the nucleus.”  That was an entirely Newtonian mechanistic model.  However, people, it does not exist like that at all.  Those charts and diagrams were put in place to help us grasp the concept of the very complex origins of our life.  

 Biology teachers could not show us that the atom, its nucleus and electrons only existed in waveform, not in particle form.  These only exist in particle form when they are observed.  When we look for them and we capture them, we are moving back to Albert Einstein’s concept of relativity.  This means that we can know the location of something.  It also means that we can know the velocity of something.  Most importantly, it means that we cannot know the velocity and location of something simultaneously. 

 In essence, the point I am driving here is that these things are moving in the field of quanta.  We look for it and when we see it, we say, “Oh yes, there it is!”  Then, we turn our focus away from it and it goes into its field of quanta - back into a waveform.  If we happen to look for it and we observe it again, in that specific instant of time and space, it will be there again.  Our scientists tell us that the interval from where it was to where it is, is considered a quantum leap.  They also tell us that we have no way of knowing how it got from where it was to where it appears to be.  If we accept a Newtonian model, we might assume, that it traveled one pattern of potential.  To get to that particular space it followed one line from point A to point B.  But, in theory, what we really know is that if it existed in waveform from one position to another that it actually followed a very possible path from that place to the other in only an instant in that quantum leap. 

 To conclude this conference I ask all of you one final question, and that is, “Can we all, at least, agree that all of this space is filled with something?”

 Thank you for listening and thank you for being an image of the picture I hold of you in my consciousness.









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