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A Pathway Towards Living With Christ




Alexandra Porter, Ph. D.





Spanish Summer School Conference

Part II - June 29, 2001






Please allow me a few minutes to give thanks.  Please stand and join me in reciting the Our Father. 


Our father who art in heaven…  Thank you, and good morning to all.   


Before beginning, I want to welcome all of you and I hope that until now you have, highly, enjoyed yourselves.   


It is, for us, a pleasure to be with you; as well as to be able to share these conferences with you.  We do this in loving service for all the members of this Fellowship and we hope that every year it shall be so.  This entire Summer School has been, in one way or another, the thought of many and we have to recognize that this moment is part of the plans that all of us put into action. 


Therefore, I ask you to pay a lot of attention to what I am about to share with you, since all of this is the effect of the plans that we have put into action.  At this time, I also ask you to save your questions until the end of the conference.  During the last 15 or 20 minutes of this conference, you will have an opportunity to pose your questions. 


Now then, I, definitely, promise than you will enjoy this conference as well as the previous ones. 


* * * * *


The second part of this conference is entitled: “Thinking, Speaking and Acting”.  These three words are my way of describing the three phases of our being's experiences.  I refer to three phases of human evolution that each being selects for his experiences in this planet Earth while walking “A Pathway Towards Living With Christ”.


As all of you already know, we are in a place that has everything necessary for the learning and growth of our being.  Also found in this terrestrial school, is everything required for the individual mission of each and every one of us.  All human beings, for their harmonic adaptation, cross the process of the three phases of the human evolution.  The state of each phase, or of each stage of that phase, depends in the individual and in that individual's mission in this planet earth. 


Max Heindel has told us:


“The Rosicrucian Philosophy teaches that man is a complex being who possesses:


“(1) A Dense Body, which is the visible instrument he uses here in this world to fetch and carry; the body we ordinarily think of as the whole man.


“(2) A Vital Body, which is made of Ether and pervades the visible body as ether permeates all other forms, except that human beings specialize a greater amount of the universal ether than other forms.  That ethereal body is our instrument for specializing the vital energy of the sun. 


“(3) A Desire Body, which is our emotional nature.  This finer vehicle pervades both the vital and dense bodies.  It is seen by clairvoyant vision to extend about 16 inches outside our visible body, which is located in the center of this ovoid cloud as the yolk is in the center of an egg.


“(4) The Mind, which is a mirror, reflecting the outer world and enabling the Ego to transmit its commands as thought and word, also to compel action.


“The Ego is the threefold spirit which uses these vehicles to gather experience in the school of life.”  [The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers Volume I, pp. 6-7]


The threshold of this new millennium is designed so that the experiences of every human being can travel along the Divine Light.  Our being changes vibratory planes, modifying the behavior of its currents, throughout this pathway of light.  During this modification, our being's vehicles develop and change.  Everything vibrates in a different frequency when this happens.  It is a deep and long task.  It is difficult, by itself, for the human being to achieve it, for the simple desire to be in harmony. 


When we speak of the Divine Light, that is to say, walking along the Divine Light, the theme of this fifth summer school, we must not forget that the Divine Light is always within and around us.  Nor should we forget that, in many cases, that light takes us through a path where we define, clarify and modify our thoughts.  This process takes us to a point where our level of conscience changes.  In this change, if we give ourselves the opportunity, our being's vehicles will be able to cross the path of the Divine Light.


In us humans, the rays of the Divine Light have several ways to subsist and we demonstrate our perception of it in different ways.  During our earthly travel, we pass through three phases that I call:  Thinking, Speaking and Acting, but logically, everything depends on where we find ourselves within the rays of the Divine Light.


·        First phase:  Thinking


I call the first phase of our being's experience “Thinking”.


When we think, all the thoughts that we emit will end-up in some common deposits for the entire world.  For example, every time that a human being emits a thought of Love, Kindness, Humility, Hate, Bitterness, Covets, Envies, etc., this person is primarily using the Divine Light to give form and life to that thought, and secondly, with these thoughts the person is also filling the common deposits, which are outside of the Divine Light.


Let me explain myself: 


If we have the ability to see undulated waves of light, in different longitudes or frequencies, which allows us to observe a dispersion of lights, we almost always focus ourselves in their multiple colors, their brilliance and everything that defines, for us, the appearance of that Divine Light.  This happens because when we observe a thing, we have that thing in front of us and it is for that reason that we can examine the characteristics of it.


We recognize the person that is in this phase because this individual gives a lot of value to appearances, to what will people say and to an image of how things should be, that being his own image or the image of others. 


These are the people we will hear say:  “So-and-so always dresses the same; s/he always has the same suit”.


Perhaps we may, also, hear these people say: “So-and-so's dress doesn't match with her/his shoes.”


In this phase we may, yet, hear other people say: “X should not be done because our society would never accept it”.


These people also tend to compare one thing with another and conclude that the one that costs more money is obviously of a better quality, and so on in that order.


In this phase people also discriminate against others.  They select their friends by means of race, color of the skin, position in the society, as well as selecting or discriminating on the basis of the person's language.  These people do not accept that things are not, always, as they appear to be.  Nor can they comprehend that the wealth that each person brings us cannot be seen in the race, color of the skin, position in the society, or the language that a person speaks. 


Then, as time moves on, the person that is in this phase will have to live experiences in which it is learned that s/he has a piece of that so-and-so whose dress doesn't match with her/his shoes.                          


Fine, now then, “What am I saying?”


I am saying that our thoughts and their forms are samples of the first phase.  In addition, I am also saying that everything, everything begins... with our thoughts.  Therefore, this phase shows us that, obviously, we are outside of the Divine Light.


As Max Heindel has told us, “Therefore, our thoughts are of vastly more importance than our acts, for if we will only think right, we shall always act right.  No man can think love to his fellowmen; can scheme in his mind how to aid and help them, spiritually, mentally or physically, without acting out these thoughts at some time in his life, and if we will only cultivate such thoughts, we shall soon find sunshine spreading around us; we shall find that people will meet us in the same spirit that we send out, and if we could realize that the desire body (which surrounds each of us and extends about sixteen to eighteen inches beyond the periphery of the physical body) contains all these feelings and emotions, then we would meet people differently, for we would understand that everything we see is viewed through the atmosphere which we have created around ourselves which colors all we behold in others.


“If, then, we see meanness and smallness in the people whom we meet, it would be well to look within to ascertain if it is not the atmosphere we are looking through which colors them thus.  Let us see if we have not within ourselves those undesirable qualities, and then being to remedy the defect within ourselves.”  [The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers Volume I, pp. 38]


·        Second phase:  Speaking


Now then, let us move on to the second phase. 


Another way to subsist in the rays of the Divine Light is demonstrated in the second phase of our being's experiences.  I call this phase “Speaking”.


If we have the ability to feel the Divine Light, we are aware of its matter, when we are conscious of its mass.  This happens, because when we feel a thing in the deepest of our being we can capture its qualities because that thing has touched the core of our being.  It is then that we become aware of its presence and we begin to speak of it by defining the qualities that have touched our being. 


In this phase the person is aware of the color and pressure of the Divine Light; as well as all the effects it is capable of manifesting in our physical body.  Here we are not speaking of seeing, for example, a red color.  If we see the Divine Light, if we truly see it, we are we still in the first phase, (is it not true?)  Thus, I am speaking of feeling the pressure of something that we have seen; like the pressure of something that is red in color.


Being all this true, in this phase of our being's experiences, we have a wider interpretation of the Divine Light.  This also demonstrates to us that we have entered, or we are entering into, the Divine Light.


When we are concerned with the modification of our being's behavior, we must have a mental discipline that allows us to eliminate the negative or depressive thoughts in order that the being can move from one vibratory plane to another.  The serious and continuous interest in our thoughts takes us along a pathway that is more objective, more clear, more analytical and perhaps much deeper, toward the three phases of our being's experiences.


When in that, which we call the deepest within us, we feel that our lives must change, we begin a deep work of change and adaptation toward the new vibration - or the new corresponding vibratory phase.  This can occur in various forms, such as:  in a harmonic way, or in alternating form.  It can also take place in levels, or in stages.


When we cross through this phase, first we find ourselves justifying our errors.  We say things like, “Yes!  It is true.  The logical thing would be ‘X,’ but my case is different.” 


Then, we find ourselves beginning to project our problems towards others.  It is here where all the people that touch our lives become our mirrors and the individual begins to see: his flaws; the signs of blemish, appearances of lack of physical attributes or of moral fiber and her/his own stain and dishonor in the faces and behaviors of others.


At the end, we recognize that the person who is living the experiences of this second phase has a very important and very difficult task in this earthly school.  Then, in this flash of wisdom, and with a lot of blessing from the Elder Brothers, we may be privileged to see some information about the mission we are here to carry out; individually or accompanied by other people.


In this phase the person must accept that the understanding we must have to harmonize the body is within the reach of all of us.  It is here where we understand that everything begins with our thoughts.


This phase is the most difficult of the three, because it requires that we explore our human conduct.  In that deep and scrupulous exploration, the person will see himself naked before his/her inner self.  Then, everything we believed was sacred is discovered that is not.  In this phase, for many of us, the changes are difficult because we have adapted ourselves to a way of living that is comfortable and don't want to begin something new.  Finally, after much anguish, sorrow, grief, worry, repentance and melancholy, the modifications that occur inside our organism resemble each other.


These changes will take place in stages and the consequences, as seen by us, can be dramatic, thusly changing the flow of our emotions.


We recognize the person that is in this phase because s/he no longer speaks of physical matters.  Now we notice that s/he speaks of much deeper things.  This person can dine with kings and at the same time feel at home with other common and ordinary people.


Why do you believe this happens?


Who, among you, wants to respond to this question?


Yes!  Everything you tell me is true, but there is another reason, a little more productive, for why this happens.


Very well, I will tell you the reason.  This happens because now the individual has transformed his intentions into actions.  When this happens, through our actions, our intentions perish in the earth, and their essence is diluted as they are crystallized.


·        Third phase:  Acting


Fine, let us move on, then, to the next phase.  The last way to subsist in the ray of the Divine Light is demonstrated by the third phase.  I call this phase – “Acting”.


If we are capable of hearing the sound generated by the Divine Light, we are in the third phase.  In this phase, we become aware of the vibration, the rhythm, the tone, the amplitude width, and how the Divine Light vibrates within our being.


To be able to have an experience of this magnitude, logically we have to give ourselves permission to enter into the Divine Light; because when we enter more deeply inside a thing, we can become one with that thing and it is for that reason that we can put ourselves in its place.  Therefore, this phase, of our being's experience shows us that we have the ability to enter inside the Divine Light and perceive its conscience. 


We recognize the person that is in this phase by their fruits.  This person understands, well, what “Loving Service” is.  S/he has no difficulty relinquishing everything for a loving service.  In this individual there are no attachments, but there is an intimacy between their inner being and the inner being of other people.


The individual that is in this phase knows that the Divine Light embarks everything.  This person also knows that her/his road doesn't have a path, because the path is made by actually walking through it; that is, by actually acting.


During our terrestrial life, we can exit and enter one of these phases more frequently than in another.  We can also be in any one of their stages several times and in various occasions.  Nevertheless, the phases are not as important as the experiences that we live in each one of them.  Our inner being has the phases and their stages recorded in its memory but do not know the levels of consciousness that guide our lives.  Our inner being is not unaware of these changes, on the contrary, it searches for them, it expects them and it desires them.       


In response to the questions,

§        “How then are we to unfold our spiritual power? 

§        “What is the way, the truth, and the life?” 


Max Heindel gives us the following response:


“We have had the threefold path shown us in the glorious teaching of the Christ.  Ordinary humanity all over the world are being worked upon by law, which works upon the desire body and holds it in check.  The thinker is pitted against the flesh.  But under law no one can be saved.  We also have the vital body spoken of in our teaching.  This is the vehicle, as Paul has said, of love and attraction.  If we can overcome the passionate side of our nature, if we can get away from the lower vibrations of love, if we can cultivate within ourselves purity, and if we can withstand temptation as did Parsifal and live the pure life, then every day we cultivate within ourselves a power.  This power is the power of love, which will express itself in our lives in service, and gradually it will accumulate to such an extent that it will be like the powder in the loaded pistol.  Then the Teacher will come to us and show us how to liberate the power we have stored up within our being.


    “It depends upon ourselves how long we shall travel in the wilderness.  Every one of us has the power latent within that will bring him or her into the City of Peace , a place apart from sorrow and suffering.  Everyone of us can and must make the start sometime, and the first step is purification, for without the pure life there can be no spiritual advancement.”  [Teachings of An Initiate, p. 203-204].


Now I leave you with these three words:


The first word is the word “Thinking”.  I hope that this topic makes every one of you think about where you are walking along the path of the Divine Light.  Please, never forget that a Mystic Christian should always be consciously aware of what s/he is thinking.


The second word is the word “Speaking”.  I also hope that this topic makes every one of you speak of your experiences and your great spiritual advances, as you move from one vibratory plane to another. 


The last word is the word, “Acting”.  This third word is also important; I believe it is the objective of every human being.  However, the most important thing is that I hope to see you acting along the path of the Divine Light. 


* * * * *







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