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A Process For Living With Christ



Alexandra Porter, Ph. D.




November 20, 2000


Good afternoon everyone!  Welcome to the first part of the series on “How To Be Dependent And In Harmony With Christ.”


Before I begin this conference, let us center ourselves.  Sit comfortably in your chairs, relax for a moment and draw unto yourself the attitude that you are in the presence of God. 


Very well!  Let me open this conference with a prayer. 


Mother-Father God, in today’s conference, we beg you to bless us and grant us the safety of your presence.  Please allow each of us to unite with you through our Lord Jesus Christ and may all of us, who gather here today, find comfort and peace of mind in the content of this lecture.


Please join me now in the Lord’s Prayer.  Our Father, who art in heaven …


Now we will end this period of giving thanks with a concentration on “Praising the voice within.”


Excellent!  Thank you very much.


The content of this conference is from my research work in the area of Health and Human Services.  This conference will help you answer the question: “What is the significance of the still small voice?”  In this respect, an innovative experience will be presented to explore the question: “Is the ‘still small voice’ an auditory message from an Angel in God’s grace or a fallen one?”  The topic will be explored, in the context of the given experience.  Also included, is a brief explanation of “How To Be Dependent and In Harmony with Christ,” which is the title of the series of these conferences. 


* * * * *


In the Middle Ages there was an Irish mystic by the name of Doran, who stated: “I live in peace and life, while per force of decree I live in Ireland and delusion.”  At that height of his spiritual evolution, a consciousness had awakened within him and he could see two worlds; one of peace and the other of deception.  In the mystic’s statement was a belief in a being that could reach higher realms of living.  He was also giving us the division of the aspects of a Soul's personality.  I believe that statement was referring to the realms between the personal being and the main source.   


Several years ago I was an instructor for a nursing program, sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), whose students were selected from High School students who had completed the eleventh grade.  The program was accredited by the California Board of Nursing and upon completion, students qualified for the state’s nursing license examination.


Although students from any high school were admitted to the program, at the time, only four high schools in this school district were designated as satellite sites for the program.  Since bus transportation was not provided by the school district, each satellite site was strategically located in order to better serve and accommodate every area in the school district.  To my knowledge, this program was unique and the LAUSD was the only school district in California that had such a program.  At the time, I was the teacher giving the course in the South Bay satellite site of the district.


The course was given in segments of thirty hours per week and students met at one high school campus for lectures and practicum and at a local hospital, accredited by the state and the Nursing Board, for their clinical internship.  During the entire nursing course, along with teaching them related Mathematics, English (consisting in writing, documentation and written comprehension) and Science, I was their only didactic and clinical nursing instructor.


Included in the program was a component of Fundamentals of Nursing.  Embedded in this component of the Nursing program, was a sixteen-hour block of instruction emphasizing pharmacology and the calculation of medication dosages using the metric system; which a high majority of the nursing students found very difficult.  As a result, the computation of medication dosages was an area of concern for all the nursing instructors teaching this program.  So much so, that the topic was an on-going discussion among us.


One Thursday, after returning home from work, I was thinking about the difficulty my students were having learning to use the metric system.  Based on personal observation, this group of nursing students was not unusual.  Although eventually all my students managed to master this block of instruction, the allotted sixteen-hour block of instruction was never enough to cover the level of mastery required by the program or the state mandated nursing licensure.  When I arrived home that day I wondered if my students would ever be ready for the California State Board Nursing examination.


That night I retired to bed as usual but was unable to fall asleep.  I continued to think that I needed a miracle in order to prepare our nursing students for the calculation of dosages using the metric system. 


Knowing how important it was for me to be rested the following day, I tried desperately to fall asleep by: reading, consuming hot milk with cinnamon and even counting sheep.  To my amazement, that night I tried all the remedies I knew, and found them to be useless.


While I was desperately trying to fall asleep my mind was wide-awake, searching for a solution that would end the difficulty my students were having with a critical component of the nursing program.  Then, I recall thinking of something I had read in a book of Max Heindel entitled, The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers, Volume I.  In page 11 of this book, the author tells us:


“There is a tendency upon the part of most people to believe that all that is the result of something else, leaving no place for any original new building.  Those who study life usually speak only of Involution and Evolution; those who study the form, namely, the modern scientists, are concerned with Evolution only, but the most advanced among them are now beginning to find another factor, which they have called Epigenesis.  Already, in 1757, Caspar Wolff issued his Theorea Generationis, wherein he showed that in the development of the ovum, there are a series of new buildings not at all foreshown by what has gone before, and Haeckel, endorsing this work, says that nowadays we are no longer justified in called [calling] epigenesis a theory.  For it is a fact which we may demonstrate, in the case of the lower forms where the changes are rapid, under a microscope.  Since the mind was given to man, it is this original creative impulse, epigenesis, which has been the cause of all our development.  Truly do we build upon that which has been already created, but there is also something new due to the activity of the spirit and thus it is that we become creators, for if we only imitated that which had already been laid out for us by God or Angel, it would never be possible for us to become creative intelligences; we would simply be imitators.  And even thought we make mistakes, it may be said that we often learn much more by our mistakes than by our successes.”  [Max Heindel] 


Then at two in the morning, during that sleepless night, a thought came to my mind that perhaps I should get up.  The thought came from a melodic, female, voice within me that whispered “Get up” in a subtle and nonchalant manner; while from that same inner space I heard another nonspecific voice that, in a strange and suggestive tone, was reminding me how important rest was for me.  My decision, for the action I followed, was determined by something I read in the book “The Rosicrucian Mysteries.  On pages 15-16, the author said:


“The mystic may also err because of ignorance, and fall into the meshes of nature's law, but being actuated by love, his mistakes will never be very serious, and as he grows in grace the soundless voice within his heart will speak more distinctly to teach him the way.


“The Rosicrucian Fellowship endeavors to prepare the world in general, and the sensitives of the two groups in particular, for the awakening of the latent powers in man, so that all may be guided safely through the danger-zone and be as well fitted as possible to use these new faculties.  Effort is made to blend the love without which Paul declared a knowledge of all mysteries worthless,”  [Max Heindel]


Following the story, I decided to get out of bed and in order to use my time wisely I decided to work on an old computer project and asked in prayer for the Divine presence of the Christ Jesus.  If you have ever experienced a sleepless night like this, what follows may be of interest to you.


During that sleepless night, I completed a computer assisted instructional (CAI) program.  The CAI program was designed for first semester nursing students.  It taught the student how to express medication dosages as ratios and how to calculate medication dosages by using equivalent conversions in the metric system.


The computer product developed that sleepless night, along with all its mathematical codes, graphic illustrative ideas and computer programming modules, was designed as a supplement for our basic text.  The nine modules of the CAI program addressed the topic of pharmacology and the calculation of medication dosages, specifically, at the written proficiency level of a high school student.  Furthermore, the comprehension skill and the data bank of questions were also going to prepare my high school students for the State Board of Nursing examination. 


During that sleepless night, the idea came to me to add music, graphics and a management file that would keep track of the trials, the errors and the successes of each student.  That same night, along with the ideas, the specific piece of music, the artwork and management routines were also crystal clear to me.


Although I did not sleep that night, the following morning I went to work rested knowing that I had a solution to a most critical problem.  That day, during our routine post-conference, I asked my students if they were willing to devote additional time towards mastering pharmacology and the calculation of medication dosages.  After a unanimous agreement from the students, I ended the post-conference and went to my office.  Then I placed a telephone call to the department of the nursing program and requested an appointment with its Director. 


Two days later, when I presented the computer work product and a conceptual proposal for utilizing the learning tool with the nursing students, it was accepted on the spot.  I immediately began to implement the work product with my students; the CAI program was able to measure the tremendous success we had obtained. 


As a consequence of that experience my questions were:


v       “Where did that voice come from?” 


v       “What is the still small voice?”  And,


v       “Who is responsible for the completion of the CAI program?"


To me, all, of the above questions were very obscure as well as baffling.  They will be explained in this conference from the standard of consciousness that I gained that sleepless night.  


My first question was, "Where did the voices come from?"  The answer to this question will be preface with a statement from Max Heindel.  In his book, entitled The Mysteries of the Great Operas, Max Heindel tells us:


“As we have said in The Rosicrucian Cosmo-conception, and as we have further elucidated in the Rosicrucian philosophy relative to a question concerning the Latin ritual in the Catholic Church, a name is a sound.  Properly uttered, no matter by whom, it has a compelling influence over the intelligence it represents, and the word given in each degree of Initiation gives man access to a particular sphere of vibration, peopled by certain classes of Spirits.  Therefore, as a tuning fork responds to a note of even pitch, so when Faust sounds the name of the Earth Spirit, it opens his consciousness to that all pervading presence.


“And be it remembered that Faust's experience is not an isolated instance of what may happen under abnormal conditions.  He is a symbol of the seeking soul.  You and I are Fausts in a certain sense, for at some stage in our evolution we shall meet the Earth Spirit and realize the power of His name, properly uttered.”  [p. 19].


For me Thursday has always been the point in space to make contact with my Inner Master.  I distinctly recall that the sleepless night in which this incident occurred was on a Thursday and that, in prayer, I had clearly requested the Divine presence of the Christ Jesus. 


Somewhat similar is the explanation to the second question, “What is the still small voice?”  In this respect, Max Heindel says:


“In the earliest dawn of man's endeavor, he used the solids; muscular force was his only means of performing work, and from bones and stones which he picked up from the ground, he shaped his first crude instruments to be wielded by his arm.  Then came a time when in a rude dug-out he first trusted himself to the waters; a liquid and the water wheel was the first machinery.  The liquid is already much stronger than the solid.  A wave will raze the decks of a ship, tear out masts and twist the stoutest iron bar as it were a thin wire; but water power is a stationary force and therefore limited to work in its immediate vicinity.  When man learned to use the still more subtle force, which we call air, it became possible for him to erect windmills in any place to do his work and sailing vessels brought the whole world into communication.  Thus, man's next step in unfoldment was achieved by the use of a force still subtler than water and more universally applicable than that element.  But wind was fickle and not to be depended upon; therefore, the advancement in human civilization achieved by its use paled into insignificance when man discovered how to utilize the still more subtle gas which is called steam, for that can be made anywhere and everywhere, and the progress of the world has been enormous since its advent.  There is, however, the drawback to its utility that steam-power requires cumbersome transmission machinery.  This drawback is practically eliminated by using a still subtler force, more readily transmissible; electricity, which is altogether invisible and intangible.


“Thus, we see that the progress of man in the past has depended upon the utilization of forces of increasing subtlety, each force in the scale being more readily capable of transmission than the ones previously available, and we can readily realize that further progress depends upon the discovery of still finer forces transmissible with still greater facility.  We know that that which we call wireless telegraphy is accomplished without even the use of wires, but even that system is not ideal, for it depends upon energy generated in a central plant, which is stationary.  It involves the use of costly machinery and is, therefore, out of reach of the majority.  The ideal force would be a power which man could generate from himself at any moment without machinery.”  [The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers Volume I, pp. 14-15].


Following my theory, among the voices I heard, I felt that one was that centimeter of chance we sometimes dismiss as nonsense.  I believe these voices represented an extension of my being.  They extended the capacity of my own space of consciousness to let me see that inside the identity there was a game of chance.


The voice that whispered "Get up" had an immense amount of space in the realm of the unknown and ultimately beckoned that centimeter of chance that I wanted to explore.  In my explanation to this question I have only to add that the voice that said "Get up" was coming from my Inner Teacher.  The other voice was coming from my own subconscious belief that we must sleep eight hours daily.  I cannot prove either of these explanations scientifically.  Thus, I will leave it up to the discretion of the audience to come up with a better explanation.


When I asked myself the next question, “Who is responsible for the completion of the CAI program?” - I had no noteworthy or sagacious answer.  However, today I feel that the experience had multiple purposes.  The sleepless night was a way of working with my Inner Teacher on a project that was to be utilized by many of my students.  In retrospect, I believe that several factors were key reasons for the blessed event of the finished product.  Among the many reasons, I include what follows:


a.         The graduates of this nursing program had earlier expressed the difficulty of the program;


b.         The current students were beginning to show the same difficulty in the same area of the program;


c.         The student’s test scores in that area showed a tremendous drop;


d.         The nursing students had a record of high academic scores;


e.         These students showed a great potential for “healing the sick”;


f.          The time was propitious for the instructional tool;


g.         I wanted the best for my students;


h.         I was in the appropriate place at the most suitable time; and


i.           I responded to the ‘still small voice’ and made myself available for that centimeter of chance.


So, then, “Who is responsible for the completion of the CAI program?”  Is this the author of the CAI program?  This question is difficult to answer; for during this celestial labor no one is  in charge of any part of the actual work.  The work that is done during a sleepless night, as the one aforementioned, is often very unique.  Many times this work has the qualities of expertise in areas such as: music, art, education and science.  It also has those carefully thought-out, unique details that make the project stand out.  Since I am a simple, humble, woman of average intelligence, I cannot claim any credit for the CAI program.  In addition, as I have stated earlier, “although I did not sleep that night, The following morning I went to work  rested.”  There was no evidence, mental or physical, that I had performed any type of work that entire night.  This tells me that the great labor, which brought about the CAI program, was not exclusively mine.  I believe this program was completed by a creative force generated by all those people who have faith in the premise of “healing the sick.” 


“The Process For Living With Christ” is found within ourselves.  Within our lives, the physical body is always evolving because the other invisible bodies hold or maintain its highest wisdom.  Latent in the field of our aura are various types of vibrations.  They are made up of life atoms that are moving towards our physical centers.  These atoms are also moving away from our centers towards a higher plane of evolution that follows the occult laws of nature. 


Except for Initiates in the great Temple of Wisdom , very few people today know the planet’s vibration or the numerical ratio of each creature in this planet Earth.  These rapid vibrations neutralize and extinguish the slower and coarser ones.  What astrologers know as the “polarity” of a person can be achieved by individual effort.  In order to know just where that soul stands in his evolutionary progress, first we must find the rates of his vibration. 


In every person, one particular rate of vibration is dominant and one class of these life atoms functions more immediately than others.  To find the dominant chord of an individual we must know the various rates of vibration in the person’s auric field.  The rates of vibration are known as the person’s dominant chord.  In the process of finding the dominant chord, we can also examine our individual aura.  The aura can tell us the life the individual is currently fulfilling.  The rates of vibration are a clue that can put one back in the pathway of light if he is not there already.  Each person has to be in tune with that dominant chord in order that his soul may evolve.  Along with the dominant fiber, the person’s attunement and the aura, the actual life of the individual may provide physical evidence.  Together, these will give an account on whether the person has been able to exhaust certain influences and has crossed vibrations that will raise the consciousness from the personal self to that Divine Self within.


When this process is completed, the coarser part of our auric’s field disappears by itself, our old shackles unfasten and our old environment collapses; allowing the individual to persevere in any given thought, as well as in the consequent vibration, for a longer duration of time. 


Because the other bodies are invisible to the naked eye, they are not given an opportunity to express their expertise.  However, during a sleepless night, like the one I have described, a project of great magnitude is created when all the bodies unite.  In other words, the "we" in us becomes "me," and it seems then, that many teachers and masters with different expertise are working together in the work or project.  Yet it is, all, all the labor of our Heavenly Father and his celestial response to our human needs.


I now conclude this conference by thanking all of you, very much, for being here.  Your participation has been an invaluable gift to me, and to quote from the Bible, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of Lights …” ___James 1:17. 


May the good Lord continues to illuminate us, 

___Thank you very much,


In Loving Service, 

___Alexandra Porter






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