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From spirit comes the light



 Alexandra B. Porter, Ph. D.


Mount Ecclesia

Chapel Talk

February 24, 2002




Good morning everyone!


Today my talk is entitled “From Spirit Comes The Light” and I will begin with a short and brief definition.


The word “Spirit” possesses many meanings.  For example, “Spirit” can be used to mean an individual discarnate entity, someone who has made his transition and passed on to the next dimension of life.  It can also mean an incarnate entity, someone now living on earth.  Or, “Spirit,” can be defined as a form of “esprit de Corps” which radiates from an individual or a group of individuals.  Something very powerful – yet also very subtle.  Something unseen, yet, having an effect upon people, and even on situations.


However, for the purpose of this Chapel talk, let us agree that by the word “Spirit” we mean an animating principle of life.  Let us agree that this animating principle of life has the following characteristics:

1.     It is Divine in origin.

2.     It is present in every form of life.

3.     It emanates from the Great Cosmic God Head, himself.

4.     It pervades everything that exists everywhere in the universe.  And   

5.     It permeates tiny insignificant Particles of matter.


Further, let us agree that, in terms of illumination, the light that comes from “Spirit” flows through every situation in which you are involved, either in the company of others or by yourself.


Now, moving on from this short and brief definition, as to what is to be understood by the word: “Spirit,” I will give you a point of reference.   Science now tells us “energy comes from motion, and that motion comes from energy.”  This can be explained as follows.  As many of you already know, there are two types, or forms, of energy:  Static and restless energy, or negative and positive energies.  When the energies of positive and negative qualities meet, restlessness is created.  The end result of restlessness is motion, which produces energy once again.


This may seem or appear to have little or nothing to do with the principles of Spirit and Light at the moment; yet, in certain situations, the vitality we manifest is the result of negative and positive qualities or conditions that take us to a stage in our lives in which we would soon lose all appreciation of “spirit’s” Divine Light.


The best instruction in your life and development will come directly from the Cosmic “Spirit” revelations.  When this happens a light is turned on and like magic a veil is lifted from any given painful or stressful situation.  Even when the result is a guilty conscience, when the act never becomes known and we do not have to acknowledge it, we still feel the damage to our personal integrity and struggle growing out of it.


If it were not for light, we would not have any appreciation or comprehension of what constitutes darkness.  We would be so accustomed to the absence of Light, so accustomed to what we now call darkness, that we could not call it by any name at all that would suggest a contrast in terms of light.  We would simply call it the natural condition.  This is what happens when we get used to a situation that is malefic in nature, a situation that is dangerous to any form of life, a situation that is hazardous to society, or a condition in our lives that is not conducive to good health; be that moral, legal, spiritual, or physical health.  These are the patterns in our lives that create the condition of apathy.  In this condition we loose track of where the light is coming from and hence, are unable to prioritize the significant events of our lives.


In looking back to a time when this light energy of Spirit was put into motion, in my own life, I think of my birthday.  I think of what took place on that day.  Perhaps you already know this, but it is certainly true that the force of Spirit, in its totality, is incomprehensible to our finite minds.  But to help me have at least a wisp of partial knowledge of what had taken place that day, the Spirit force of Divine Light brought me clarity and understanding.


And so, Dearest Friends, at the moment I wrote the words of the event that follows, only a few hours had passed since I had become one terrestrial year older.  It was my birthday, September 11, 2001 and the coordinates of that point in space we call the United States had been recently struck by indescribable horror.


When I arrived home from work, that night, my immediate reaction was to enter into a personal space in my home where I pray and begin to privately pray for six of my family members whom I was sure had been killed and ten others who lived, and worked, in the immediate vicinity of the tragic and brutal terrorist attack upon the United States.


In that personal space of my home, and within my private inner chambers, I asked in silence for light to be shed upon our lives.  I wanted to know the status of the scheme of things.  And then, as I focused my gaze upon the emblem of the rosy cross, within a split second, I saw the body of Jesus Christ supervising a choir of Angels.  The Angels, as well as Jesus Christ, were dressed in garments that resembled a polished linen material.  It was an electric white dress that was loosely fitted; yet, it seemed to delineate what I am accustomed to calling a humanoid physical form.


There, standing at the bottom of the rubble, close to, and encircling the Twin Towers in New York City were thirty-two Angels and Jesus Christ.  I noticed, at once, that a braided strand of golden thread was emanating from the heart of Jesus Christ.


From my vantage point, the braided strand of golden thread appeared to enter into the heart of each Angel from the back of their hearts and exited through the front of each of their hearts.  It pierced individually into each of the Angel’s heart at approximately every six to eight feet; thus creating an angelic chain that extended the length of several miles of the braided golden thread.


I could not see their hands, but each Angel appeared to be holding on to the braided strand of golden thread a few inches from his heart’s portal exit.  It was almost as though someone or something was moving the golden thread with invisible hands.  I notice that whenever an Angel made a movement with his portion of the golden thread, a number of Celestial Souls were lifted from the dead bodies that were on top, underneath, within, and among all the debris.


I also noticed that each Angel greeted each Soul as if it was a member of his own family.  I heard them whisper: “the father of,” “the mother of,” “the son of,” “the daughter of,” “the brother of,” “the uncle of,” and so on and so forth.  Then, after each was welcomed, the identified Soul attached itself to the golden thread in front of the Angel.


When all the Celestial Souls were lifted from the ground, Jesus Christ began to walk forward and everyone else followed him in a single file.  Although I was unable to see their feet, I had the distinct impression that they were walking upwards as if hiking or climbing up a very steep hill.  Within seconds, literally, thousands of Celestial Souls had reached the heavens.  When at the tail end of the braided strand of golden thread I saw twelve of my family member enter the Celestial Heavens.  I felt a thug - a very sharp pull within my own heart, as if I had been connected to the braided strand of golden thread all along.  With all the tremendous pain I was feeling, at that particular instant, I cannot tell you what happened next, but the last thing I recall is seeing and hearing the Twin Towers of New York City collapse


For those of you who are asking yourselves: How did this happen? And What does this mean? Please believe me, I asked myself the same questions.  Here is what I came up with.


How did this happen?


Well logically, my physical body was in the physical world, which is one of the seven subdivisions of the Seventh Cosmic Plane.  From there I left my body and went to the subdivision of the cosmic plane called the world of thoughts. It was there where I toyed with the idea that my family members were dead.  Then I passed unto, or arrived at the second Cosmic Plane where I had the dream-like vision, while still awake.  It was here where I realized and was able to confirm that my family members had made their transition to the next planes of life.  This means that I was conscious that even though my bodies were in different Cosmic Planes, they were well aligned and in perfect harmony.


All of this, that is to say the vision I experienced, was like looking at the recording of a part of a story that had taken place some time in the past; a cinematographical story - a movie of something that had already occurred.  I had the great honor of observing what had taken place in the already mentioned Cosmic Planes.  I saw what took place there prior to taking place in the physical world.  The collapse of the Twin Towers was the ending of the movie.


I also saw the magnificent orchestration of the movie.  When something happens in the Physical Plane is because it has already occurred in the higher Cosmic Planes.  The physical hour or time is only a point of reference for us humans.  In order for something to manifest in our physical world, that something must be complete and in harmony with the other worlds and must have taken place in the higher Cosmic Planes.  Hence, the event took place in the Second Cosmic Plane and the collapsing of the Twin Towers was the end of the story


What does this mean?


For me this experience illustrates the idea that:

1.     We are never, ever, alone; Jesus Christ is always with us,

2.     With those victims, physical death took place prior to the terrorist attack.  Perhaps it is so with every physical death, of this type.

3.     In this physical plane we are connected by the relationship labels we give ourselves.  But, in the spiritual plane we are all one.  We are all one, connected by a long braided strand of golden thread.  We may identify ourselves as: “the father of,” “the mother of,” “the brother of,” “the sister of,” “the uncle, aunt, nephew, niece of,” or simply the friend of someone.  But more importantly we are citizens of a point in space of the universe.

Please let us  not forget that From Spirit Comes The Light - Yes! Indeed from spirit comes the light. If we do, If we do forget that from spirit comes the light, we will begin to engage in minutia. If you understand this, If you, truly, understand this concept.  You will begin to realize or grasp the pettiness of bickering over a flag at a time like this


The victims who perished along with my family members, on September 11, 2001 were not just Americans.  Many were none American citizens from several countries outside the United States .  Countries like Israel , India , Africa, the Dominican Republic , and Italy , just to name a few.  Some of these people were legally here performing a task for their own countries.  They were someone’s mothers; father, brother, sister, cousin, or perhaps simply someone’s friend.  People, the fact that we may not have known them does not mean that we were not related.  It only means that we have to search deeper within ourselves for that braided strand of golden thread.


Since this brutal terrorist attack, I have received hundreds of letters and electronic mails from across the world expressing their support and solidarity.  It was interesting to note that they all depicted the intense emotion that I was feeling on my birthday, on September 11, 2001.  Those letters resonated in unison with the fact that we are all citizens of the world.  Many of the people who wrote stated that they had included the victims, their family members, their significant others, as well as all of humanity in their prayers.  While many others have expressed what had dared to happen on our planet.  The tremendous depth of each writer tells me that there is still hope for all of us.  Their genuine loving care and their kind, heartfelt, good wishes, both on a personal level and a collective level tells me that the writers are all “walking the talk” and their Souls are in unison with all the Celestial Souls that perished on my birthday – September 11, 2001.


As a Final Not I would like to end this talk with a quote, and my explanation of it, from a man named Walt Whitman, who said years ago, and I quote: Let your Soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.”  In my humble opinion, I think what he was really saying was this.  That when you orient your consciousness to the spiritual dimensions of life and to the infinite power of the light that comes from Spirit, it is possible for you to be stable and composed inwardly, no matter what the outer circumstances may be; even an awe inspiring confrontation with a million universes.


With varying degrees of success, and in different situations, I have found this to be perfectly true.  Like the magnet itself the power of Spirit is mysterious and we know but a fraction of all there is to know about it.  But let us continue to study it.  Let us continue to use all we know about it.  An please, mark my words, for each and every one of us, the day of a greater Spirit revelation will surely come.


This concludes my talk.  Thank you, most kindly for your divine presence.  May the Light that comes from Spirit be with you today and always.  God Bless!








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